Ueno / 上野

Ueno Station in Taito-ku is called a gateway to the north because it is the starting station for the railways bound for the Tohoku region(the northeast region) from Tokyo. The terminal accommodates 6 railways including JR Shinkansen Lines. It is a prominent downtown rivaling with the Ginza, Shinjuku, Ikebukuro and Shibuya.
n the Tokyo Ueno-onshi-koen Park, the Tokyo Metropolitan Imperial Gift Park that boasts a vast area in the west of Ueno Station, there is a concentration of cultural institutions such as the first zoo in Japan, Tokyo Metropolitan Imperial Gift Ueno Zoo, Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum, Tokyo Bunka Kaikan Cultural Hall, National Western Art Museum, National Science Museum and Tokyo National Museum, all offering recreation and relaxation for the citizens.

There is Ameya-yokocho Market called Ameyoko for short in the area under the elevated railway from Ueno Station to Okachimachi Station. This area used to be a thriving flea market immediately after the end of the WWII. There are over 500 shops that sell everything from basic foods to high-class imported goods at reasonable prices, and thus it is always crowded with shoppers. The year-end special bargain sales, in particular, have become one of the scenes that add poetic charm to the season that reflect the lives of the common people of Tokyo.

上野位於東京都台東區,作爲從東京通往東北地方的鐵路交通的起點站,素有北大門之稱。包括 JR 新幹線在內,這裏集中了 6 條以上的鐵路線,與銀座、新宿、池袋、澀谷同爲都內不多見的繁華街區。
從上野車站到禦徒町車站有一段鐵路護欄,以該護欄下方爲中心,有一條通稱爲“阿麥橫”的阿麥橫丁街。它發端於第二次世界大戰結束後不久在這裏出現的自由市場,現在店鋪林立,總數超過 500 家,從日用品到高級進口品,琳琅滿目,應有盡有,而且價格便宜,平時這裏總是人山人海,熱鬧異常。尤其到了年底,這裏的大減價促銷場面甚至成了東京庶民生活區中一幅社會風情畫。

How to get there?

JR 山手線到上野車站。
Take Yamanote line get off at Ueno station.