The Osaka Castle was built in the end of the 16th century by Toyotomi Hideyoshi, a well-known warlord who brought the whole country under his rule in the late 16th century. It has been burned down in a series of battles in the 17th century, and reconstructed later. Once again it was destroyed by fire, its donjon only reduced to ashes this time, and was reconstructed at last early in the 20th century. On display at its 1st to 7th floors are various weapons, armors and folklife items of those days. There is a view spot on the 8th floor.
T he premises of the castle contain a lawn-covered park with an area of about 60,000 square meters, which is thronged with cherry blossom viewers in the springtime. In its neighborhood stand the Osaka Municipal Museum that presents culture and history of Osaka, the Toyokuni-jinja Shrine, the Osaka-jo Hall with a seating capacity of about 16,000 and others. With waterways running around the castle, there is a water bus service that takes you out on an 1-hour cruise in the river that flows through the city.
In summer, the Okawa River in the northwest of the Osaka Castle becomes the stage for the Osaka Tenjin-matsuri Festival known as one of the three largest in Japan. The sight of a fleet of about 100 ships going down the river is a must-see, so are the gorgeous fireworks going up at the same time.

大阪城是與完成統一天下大業的 16 世紀後期武將豐臣秀吉有很深關係的城堡。建於 16 世紀末,17 世紀因戰亂而被燒毀,之後雖然得到再建,但天守閣還是燒毀了。直到 20 世紀前半期,天守閣才獲得了重建。天守閣內部,從 1 樓到 7 樓是歷史資料館,展示著當時的武器、盔甲和民俗資料,8 樓現在成了瞭望台。
城內有一個占地約 6 萬平方米的草坪公園,特別是到了春天櫻花盛開的時節,來賞花的遊人絡繹不絕。周圍一帶有介紹大阪文化和歷史的大阪市立博物館、豐國神社、最多能容納約 16000 人的大阪城會館等。另外,城堡周圍水路發達,開通一種在市內河流巡遊的水上巴士,航程約需花費 1 小時。
流經大阪城西北的大川成爲在夏季舉行、被稱爲日本三大節之一的大阪天神節的舞臺。100 餘艘船組成的船隊巡航時,其景象扣人心弦,和飛射升空的焰火一樣,都是不容錯過的

How to get there?

從新大阪車站出發經由 JR 大阪車站到大阪城公園約 13 分鐘

About 13 minutes from Shin-Osaka Station to Osaka-jo Koen Station via JR Osaka Station