Osaka prefecture located in the center of Kinki region in the Midwest Japan covers the smallest prefecture land area in Japan, but boasts of largest population and highest population density second only after the capital, Tokyo. Mountains surround three sides of the prefecture and the west faces the arc-shaped Osaka Bay. Since it is close to former capitals of Japan Kyoto and Nara, it prospered as an important point for land and water transportation as well as a commercial city.
I n the Osaka City is the Osaka Castle with a five-layer donjon as its core, on a lawn park that stretches for about 60,000 square meters. During the cherry blossom season in the spring, this park is especially crowded with hanami (cherry blossom viewing) crowd. Osaka's north gate, Umeda, has a gigantic stretch of underground mall that houses many restaurants, fashion and sundry goods stores.
In contrast to Kita with Umeda as its core, Minami is an area with core cities Namba, a popular business and shopping district, and Dotonbori with many restaurants on both sides of Dotonbori-gawa River. Minami is known as a town of public entertainment and has many theaters and cinemas.In recent years, the development of Osaka's new showplace, the waterfront, is taking place. Tenpo-zan Harbor Village, which has a 112 meter-high Ferris wheel, shopping mall and Suntory Museum, a complex of cultural facilities, and ATC(Asia Pacific Trade Center), Japan's largest outlet mall, are also popular.

大阪市內有大阪城,它以 5 層的望樓天守閣爲中心,有 6 萬平方米左右的草坪公園,一到春天櫻花盛開的季節,來這裏賞花的遊人摩肩接踵,絡繹不絕。在大阪的北大門──梅田,有許多大型地下街,街上飲食店、流行商品專賣店和雜貨鋪鱗次櫛比。
大阪市內有大阪城,它以 5 層的望樓天守閣爲中心,有 6 萬平方米左右的草坪公園,一到春天櫻花盛開的季節,來這裏賞花的遊人摩肩接踵,絡繹不絕。在大阪的北大門──梅田,有許多大型地下街,街上飲食店、流行商品專賣店和雜貨鋪鱗次櫛比。
以梅田爲中心的一帶地區被稱爲“北”;以難波和道頓堀爲中心的一帶地區被稱爲“南”。 難波是充滿平民氣氛的繁華街區,道頓堀是道頓堀川兩岸飲食店林立的一個區域。南是著名的娛樂區,這裏集中了許多劇場和電影院。
近年來作爲大阪的新名勝地,是正在開發的新海濱區,其中“天保山港口村”中有高達 112.5 米的大型觀景車和購物街、三得利博物館等,另在 ATC(亞太貿易中心)有日本最大的商品批發市場,這些場所都極受歡迎。

How to get there?

乘坐 JR 東海道新幹線從東京車站到新大阪車站約 2 小時 30 分鐘

About 2 hours 30 minutes from Tokyo Station to Shin Osaka Station by JR Tokaido Shinkansen Line.