Lnew amusement hotspot. A futuristic, unmanned traffic system smartly connects it to the rest of Tokyo.
Odaiba was born on the reclaimed land in the Tokyo Bay in the southeast of Tokyo. It is attracting mostly young people as the newest amusement spot in Tokyo. The name Odaiba means a platform site. It derives from the installation of a platform for a marine cannon battery that was constructed in haste to meet the emergent need for defense of Tokyo (called Edo at that time) against the sudden appearance of black steel ships commanded by Commodore Perry from the United States in 1853.
The center of Odaiba is "Aquacity Odaiba". There is a shopping mall with a 300-meter long boutique street, a multi-flex cinema that employs the latest acoustic and screen technologies, a gourmet zone that stretches over 15,000 m2 which is obviously the largest in Japan, and Fuji TV studio where visitors can see the settings of popular TV programs.Major attractions of Odaiba are dotted along Yurikamome Line, a new unmanned traffic system that connects Shimbashi Station through the Rainbow Bridge with Odaiba. There is the Odaiba Seaside Park that overlooks the Rainbow Bridge as well as the Venus Fort, a "theme park for ladies" located in the area of the Palette Town, which accommodates over 140 shops with the interior that takes after an European city in the 18th century, and many other new facilities are jostling.


新交通系統“百合鷗”東京最新的娛樂場所 台場位於東京都東南部東京灣的人造陸地上,是東京最新的娛樂場所集中地,受到人們,尤其是年輕人的青睞。台場的取名有這樣一段來由:1853 年,美國人貝利率船隊來到日本,當時東京還稱江戶,由於防衛上的緊急需要,匆忙趕制了海上砲台設置在此禦敵,

台場的中心是“台場水色之城”,建有購物中心,其中一條流行服裝店街長約 300 米,另外還有採用了最新音響和映射設備的“大型綜合電影院” ,以及面積達 1 萬 5000 平方米的日本最大的美食城,此外,還有可以參觀走紅電視節目製作過程的“富士電視臺”等。台場的新設施接二連三地建成,令人目不暇接,主要的觀光點有“ 禦台場海浜公園”,這座公園建在從新橋車站起跨過“彩虹大橋”,延伸到台場的新交通系統“百合鷗”的沿線,站在公園中,可以眺望
“彩虹大橋”的雄姿。此外,還有“面向女士的主題公園” ──“帕萊特城”,其內部裝飾模仿 18 世紀歐洲的城市風格,容納了 140 多家店鋪。

How to get there?
乘坐JR山手線到新橋車站車站,轉乘百合鷗乘 從新橋車站到台場車站約10分鐘。

Take JR Yamanote line to shibashi station, then change Yurikamome line get off at Odaiba station.