Yamate became a popular little hill for foreigners to reside on when Yokohama Port was opened to the world for international trading about 140 years ago. Ever since Motomachi has prospered at the foot of Yamate as a shopping area where they originally used to sell daily goods to the foreign residents of Yamate
It probably takes only 15 minutes to walk from one end of this tiny area to the other, Motomachi, and yet you would not believe that more than 250 shops are thronging in the whole area. Shoes, bags, tableware, furniture, etc. etc. – you name it, you will find it. Motomachi is especially known for many renowned long-established shops where they guarantee top quality Motomachi goods. The Charming Sale is held by all the shops in Motomachi at the end of summer and winter every year. The sale is very popular particularly amongst young ladies.
Yamate is full of exotic atmosphere with many foreign houses and churches in the area. Minato-no Mieru-oka-Koen is the park where you can enjoy the view of the whole of Yokohama Port and that is what the name of the park literally means. There is a view spot and a rose garden in the park and it is a much-appreciated place for relaxation for local people. There is also a western grave yard in the front of the park, where gravestones with crosses can be seen.
山手在約 140 年前橫浜開放港口的同時成了外國人的居住地,在它的山腳下,集中了面向生活在此地的外國人的日用品商店,這就是元町商店街的起始
從這頭到那頭步行約 15 分鐘左右的狹窄的區域裏,林立著包括大街上和胡同裏在內的約有 250 家店鋪。有食具店、手提包店、家具店、鞋店等各種各樣的店鋪,這條商店街的特點是代表日本老號的店鋪很多。這些老字號商店裏的商品是廣爲人知的高質量的元町品牌。在冬天和夏天更換季時,各家商店全部進行有魅力的打折銷售,各店鋪總是擠滿以年輕女性爲主的顧客

How to get there?

乘坐JR 京浜東北線,從東京車站到石川町約50分鐘,再從石川町車站北口步行 3 分鐘即到。

Approximately 50 minutes by JR Keihin Tohoku Line from Tokyo Station to Ishikawa-cho Station. Three minutes walk from the north exit of Ishikawa-cho Station