The former capital of Japan, famous worldwide for its temples and shrines. Kyoto was the center of politics and culture for 1,200 years.
Kyoto stretches from southeast to northwest in the central and northern Kansai Region (Midwest Japan). It has three geographical features, the saw-toothed coast area around the Maizuru Bay in the northwest, the Tamba Mountains around the center and the Kyoto Basin in the southeast.
Kyoto became the capital of Japan in the 8th century. It had flourished as the center for Japanese politics, economy and culture for some 1,200 years until the capital functions were transferred to Tokyo in the mid 19th century. There remain many temples and shrines that had been built during this long period. Seventeen historic sites including the Kiyomizu-dera Temple and the Nijo-jo Castle are designated as World Cultural Heritage sites.
You may meet Maiko, young dancing entertainers who walk in long hanging sleeved kimono in the Gion, see the townscape characterized with popular 19th century style latticework, and visit the Nishijin where they weave traditional nishijin-ori textiles with vivid colored threads. The festivals are famous not only in Japan but are known worldwide. The three major festivals of Kyoto are Aoi-Matsuri Festival in early summer, Gion-Matsuri Festival in summer and Jidai-Matsuri Festival in autumn. There is also the Okuribi in five hills of Daimonji, where torches shaping a letter or figure are ignited into flames on the night of August 15, in a Buddhist ritual called O-bon or Urabon-e.

裏亞式海岸、丹波山地、京都盆地繁榮了1200 年的古都
京都府位於從近畿地區的中心到北部,呈由東南朝西北伸展的細長形狀,由 3 種地形組成,分別是西北端的環繞著舞鶴灣的裏亞式海岸,中部的丹波山地和東部的京都盆地。
京都在8世紀就成了日本的首都,直到 19 世紀中葉首都遷到東京。在這約 1200 年中,京都作爲日本的政治、經濟和文化中心,得到了繁榮昌盛的發展。因此這裏留下了許多耗費時日建造起來的寺院和神社,其中清水寺、二條城等 17 個歷史遺迹已被列爲世界文化遺産。

市內有不少名勝,其中在“祗園”的街上可看到身著“振袖”這種長袖和服的舞伎。另外市內還保存著一些“町家”。有著頗具19 世紀江戶時代特色的格子門,還有“町西陣”,這裏可以看到用色彩鮮豔的絲線織成的傳統工藝織品──西陣織。除此以外,初夏的葵節、夏日的祗園節、秋天的時代節是京都的三大祭典,和在夏天的佛教儀式──盂蘭盆節時舉行的“大文字五山送神火”,在國內外都享有盛名。

How to get there?

乘坐 JR 東海道新幹線從東京車站到京都車站約 2 小時 15 分鐘,乘坐 JR 東海道線快車從新大阪車站到京都車站約 25 分鐘。

Take JR Tokaido Shinkansen Line for 2 hours and 15 minutes from Tokyo Station or a Rapid Train on JR Tokaido Line from Shin-Osaka Station for 25 minutes to Kyoto Station.