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From A$ 360 per person (Twin share)

Things you are going to see & do on this tour.

  • Magoksa Temple
    In 2018, it is registered as UNESCO World Heritage ‘Sansa, Buddhist Mountain Monasteries in Korea’.It contains various light faded Danchongs and exotic pagodas. You may find Baekppeomdang where a retiring place for scholar Kimgu is.
  • Gongju National Museum
    It stores and displays the main heritages from Baekje period located in Woongjin(Gonju) which was an old capital of Baekje Kingdom. It operates various academic research activities and cultural education programs.




  • Cultural Experience Wearing Traditional Costumes of Baekje
    By wearing traditional royalty costumes of Baekje Kingdom which is gorgeous but not luxurious, and taking photos to understand more of Baekje Kingdom.



  • Royal Tombs in Songsan-ri
    Songsanri Tombs are tombs only for Kings and royalties. This is the only tombs whose the owners were identified and excavated without robbed among Three Kingdoms Era.



  • GongjuHanok Village
    It is an eco-friendly accommodation which includes both of tradition and contemporary directly operated by Gongjusi. It is located in between the Tomb of King Muryeong and Gongju National Museum and have a variety of programs that you can feel the culture of the old Baekje Period.



  • Grass Flower Literary House
    It is a place where was a literary creative space and named after the main Korean lyric poet, Na Taeju. You can look over various works of poets in Gongju District including Na Taeju’s literary world.



  • Seokjangni Museum
    Seokjangni Museum is the first prehistoric museum in Korea in Seokjangni, Gongji. Seokjangni is a historical site that Paleolithic remains were discovered for the first time in Korea




  • Tour Guide(English/Chinese/Japanese), Transportation, Entrance Fees, Accomodation for 1 night, Meals,Travel Insurance
    (Tour departs only with 4 people or more)