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Thing you are going to see on this tour

  • Ojukheon House
    Ojukheon House is one of the oldest residential buildings in Korea. It is famous as the birthplace of Yulgok Yi I, a famous scholar from Joseon Dynast and a female artist of the Joseon Dynasty drawn in the bill of 50,000KRW




  • GangneungJungang Market
    It is one of the oldest traditional markets in Yeongdong province, and now it is a famous spot where many foreign tourists like it because there are many delicious and local foods such as fresh seafoods and sweet&sour chicken Dakgangjeong.


  • Curling Experience
    In 2018 PyeongChang Winter Olympics, you can go to the curling stadium, learn the basics of curling, and play a simple game so that you can develop not only fun but also cooperation and care.



  • Anmok Port
    Located in Gangneung-si, Gangwon-do, Anmok Port is famous for its beautiful coffee shops facing the wide blue ocean. It is a great tourist spot to enjoy some coffee break looking at the ocean.



  • Yeongjin Beach

    In Drama, the main actor, Gongyou(Goblin) gave a flower, buckwheat to main actress, Kim Goeun(Bride of Goblin) so remembered as a beach with full of romantic atmosphere. It is a drama shooting place that made lots of Korean women fall in love with Gongyou


  • BTS Bus Stop
    There is a famous bus stop where BTS Album‘WINGS EDITIONAL COVER: YOU NEVER WALK ALONE’ was recorded in Gangneong Jumunjin Hyangho Beach. There is no real bus coming.




  • Gangwon DMZ Museum
    Gangwon DMZ Museum is the first museum in the world themed DMZ. It is reconstructed the exhibition by adding more images from the life style of post-Korean war to the natural ecology of DMZ for more than 60 years without being touched by human being


    1. Included
  • Tour Guide(English/Chinese/Japanese), Transportation, Entrance Fees, Accomodation for 1 night & Meal (1 Lunch & 1 Breakfast)
    (Tour departs only with 4 people or more)